Journal Of Recovery From Sexual Violence. Strictly 18s & Over. Copyright Sinead O’Connor. Absolutely NOT For Publication Without My Written Permission.

Welcome. You should not be reading this if you are under 18. This is a delicate area and you should also not be here if you are ‘of a sensitive nature’ as you may sometimes find what you read upsetting. Not that there won’t be funny stuff. But.. it is what it says on the tin.
There are many people like myself who have experienced sexual violence as children or adults or both. The recovery journey is interesting. And a lot less frightening than one might imagine. I’m hoping by writing a journal here of my own journey, which I have recently started, not only to assist myself my writing but to encourage others like myself that recovery not as scary as they might think and it doesn’t involve ‘re-living’ what happened. Nor does it involve being particularly overwhelmed by emotions.. as long as you are working with very safe therapists whose area of expertise is specifically sexual violence. I would absolutely advise against working with therapists and or doctors whose area of expertise is not sexual violence.